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Our professional and complete music preparation services can provide anything from a single lead sheet to full orchestral arrangements. Our team, one of the most formidable in the country, has been successful with projects from LA to Berlin, meeting the demands of both the large scale, major label backed project, to the small and mid-sized independent release.

We also offer:

- Full Mastering Services
- Full baking, transferring, and archiving services
- Full ADR, Voice-Over, and Lock-to-Picture services
- Connectivity with the large soundstages of Lifetime Television's Studios 1 & 2

"For fifteen years I return again and again to KAS Studios for the best reasons there are:

  1. The studio has a naturally beautiful sound,
  2. The post production facilities are first class, and
  3. The engineers are terrific.

And--despite the word 'Astoria' in the title---it's easy and quick to get there."

Thomas Z. Shepard

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